The Valence Lexicon of Romanian Verbs

A detailed description of the complements in the valency frames of the Romanian verbs

About the lexicon

The Valence Lexicon of Romanian Verbs (DCV—Dicționar de Contexte Verbale) is an attempt to formally describe the valence frames of the Romanian verbs. A valence frame is the set of (in general, mandatory) complements required exclusively and intrinsically by the semantics of a verb.

DCV contains in its current version 633 verbs containing 2044 meanings with the corresponding valence frames. These verbs are selected as the most commonly used in the ZiareRom press corpus.

The logical structure of the DCV is fully described in the EURALEX 2018 paper.

The symbols and semantic features are explained here.

The linguistic description is made by Ana-Maria Barbu (senior researcher at "Iorgu Iordan - Al. Rosetti" Institute of Linguistics) with the Professional Lexicography Software TshwaneLex.

The website and search tools of the DCV are made by Cătălin Mititelu.


The lexicon is also available in the following formats:

  • PDF format (published in the University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2017): dcv-carte.pdf
  • XML format:

How to cite DCV

Those who use this dictionary are kindly asked to cite (at least) one of the following papers:

Barbu, Ana-Maria, Dicționar de contexte verbale, Editura Universității din București, 2017.

Barbu, Ana-Maria, "Dictionary of Verbal Contexts for the Romanian Language". In Proceedings of the XVIII EURALEX International Congress: Lexicography in Global Contexts, 17-21 July, Ljubljana, Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts, 2018, p. 411-422.


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Ana-Maria Barbu

Senior researcher at
"Iorgu Iordan - Al. Rosetti"
Institute of Linguistics

Cătălin Mititelu

Software engineer

We are deeply grateful to the team with whom the most difficult steps were taken in conceiving this type of work, within the CNCSIS grant no.1156 / 2005 "Syntactic-semantic data base in XML format: combinatorial valences of Romanian verbs in HPSG", during 2005-2007. The team consisted of Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Blanca Croitor, Emil Ionescu, Carmen Mirzea-Vasile and Irina Nicula, to whom we therefore thank to each of them.